Ada Toolchain for AVR (Arduino) Installation

This is an adventure! I kept all of my stupid failures in here in case someone else is also lazy and stupid. Behold, the Internet age! As of this writing the Ada toolchain is not easy to use, so I think we need this sort of documentation. For reference this was done on Ubuntu 14.04 … Read More

Synology DS416j – From Stock to pycurl

I got a Synology DS416j NAS and wanted to use it for some basic network infrastructure tasks on top of data storage. One of these network infrastructure tasks involves updating a DNS record with my service provider, which requires a python script that uses curl, and therefore pycurl. You can install python with the package … Read More

Reset Aruba 620 Password

If you forget your password to an Aruba 620, you can perform a password reset it using the RS232 (serial) console port with some magic words. Connect to the Aruba 620 using an RS232 DB9-to-RJ45 cable. This cable is pretty standard, and is also used for a lot of Cisco equipment. The default serial settings … Read More