Data Heck

TL;DR: Data Heck is a fictitious name used by Matthew Scheffel when developing software professionally as a freelancer. The focus of this page is improving office data work by automating it. This automation results in data that is more reliable, safe, and available.

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Stop typing numbers into Excel

Does running your business involve typing numbers into a spreadsheet? Is your data infrastructure a set of shared spreadsheets? Have you gone paperless, only to become a company that is bottle-necked by data-entry?

Does your data serve your business, or does your business wait for your data?

I want to save you from this (MP4 video)

Your data infrastructure should serve your business needs.

I build software that replaces manual data entry. My clients receive emails with automated charts and statistics; the latest data is always in their database. They explore their data with tools like Tableau. Their time and attention is spent on using data, not moving it.

Use your data immediately (MP4 video)

Spreadsheets are a massive improvement over pen and paper, but we can do better today; and many firms are.

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