Dealing with Data Overload and Under-use

You have limited time and focus. Small, menial tasks are not worth your employee’s time. Still, those menial tasks need to be done. I’m a sole proprietor offering practical business process automation that allows small businesses to stay efficient and disciplined with limited resources.

There are certified, experienced professionals manually entering financial transactions into Excel off of pieces of paper.This is not okay. It’s a waste of expertise and easy to screw up. We can automate that business process.

There are businesses that have their data locked in proprietary systems that have no reporting functionality. This is not okay. We can free that data and distill the value out of it, or migrate you to something better.

There are countless IoT-connected buildings brimming with data that store and use none of it. This is not okay. If you invest a fortune in a modern system, take advantage of its benefits! We can make that happen.

Most businesses use Excel as a core foundation of their business process using obsolete features that make these tools giant, hulking messes. This is not okay. We can use Excel Power Query to optimize your spreadsheets and reduce manual “updating” of formulas and rows.

Data is rarely in the form we want. My specialty is creating automated pipelines that take care of that. That’s business process automation, and it’s become a competitive necessity.

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Core Competencies

Looking for a solution for a specific technology problem? Here’s a list of what I am particularly skilled with:

  • Python 3.7.x
  • Django 2.1.x
  • Tensorflow
  • Tableau Server, Desktop, and Mobile
  • Microsoft
    • SQL Server 2008 – 2016
    • SQL Server Reporting Service
    • Windows 2008 – 2016
    • Office
      • Excel – esp.: Power Query, VB Script
    • Power BI
  • Linux
    • 2.6.x
    • Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo
  • Git
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Building Automation
    • BACnet
    • LONWorks
    • ModBus
    • Tridium AX & N4
    • RS-485 serial bus, FT-10 serial bus
  • Wireshark

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