Reset Aruba 620 Password

If you forget your password to an Aruba 620, you can perform a password reset it using the RS232 (serial) console port with some magic words.

Connect to the Aruba 620 using an RS232 DB9-to-RJ45 cable. This cable is pretty standard, and is also used for a lot of Cisco equipment.

The default serial settings are as follows:

9600 baud
8 data bits
no parity bit
1 stop bit
no flow control

At the user: prompt, enter “password”. As a password, enter “forgetme!”.

Type “enable” to enter a more privileged mode that will allow you to make changes.

Enter the system configuration menu with “configure terminal”. Then, you can use “mgmt-user admin PASSWORD” to set the password.

You’ve set the password, but it doesn’t actually matter yet. You have to write the new settings to make them stick. Use “write memory” to accomplish that.

That’s it!