Free Quote: New Client Intake Process

Improving your data pipeline is easy. Here are the steps we’d take together so that I can provide you with a free quote.

1. Intro Call

First, we’ll have a quick chat to see if there’s a fit. I’ll ask about how you use your data, where it comes from, and what you’d like improved.

The usual client pain point is labour and scale. My typical customer suffers from manual entry, error-prone processes, single-user databases, and long delays between data release and analysis.

A common road block is a requirement for web scraping where the target site has a terms of service that prohibits it: I comply with terms of service; the federal court in Canada has made it clear that I must.

2. Offline Research

Next, I’d research your data and process. I’d develop an entity relationship diagram (see image) that would define your data and the relationships within it. I’d also outline your data sources and the best approach for automatic collection. Together, this forms the starting point for a quote.

A screen grab of part of an entity relationship diagram. There are several boxes which represent database tables. Each box has several fields with define data types, null/not null settings, and comments. There are also relationships between tables represents by lines between fields.
A snippet of an entity relationship diagram

We’d discuss the plan and your requirements. Questions like the following would shape the final plan:

  • How many users will use the system?
  • How will the users access the system?
  • Do you require visualization tools?
  • Do you require prompt automated reporting?
  • If something goes wrong, how do you want to be notified?
  • What level of security is appropriate for this data?

3. Free Quote

Having developed a plan with your input, I would produce a quote for implementing it.

This quote would include an estimate of the monthly operating expenses you will incur for hosting the software, and a quote for me to maintain the software once installed. If applicable to your situation, I may also include a quote for a bundled package where I handle the hosting and maintanance for you.


Quoted installation costs range from 5k and 20k for ordinary work, and 25k to 60k for deluxe work.

The scope for the former is automated data collection, and the latter expands to data analysis, reporting, and interactive visualization.

Get Started

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