Block Eric Jones From Your WPForms Contact List

There’s a infamous spammer that goes by the pseudonym “Eric Jones”. They are able to bypass Google captcha and send frequent messages to WordPress (and likely other) contact forms. If you use WPForms like I do, then you can make use of this simple, free, solution that should block Eric Jones spam.

It relies on one simple fact that could easily change at any time: the spammer always uses the same email. WPForms happens to support blacklists for fields, so there’s our solution!

  1. Go to your WPForms admin page. It’s just about “Appearance” in my WordPress control panel
  2. Edit your contact form
  3. Click “Field Options” on the left, under Fields which should already be open.
  4. Click your Email field
  5. Open the Advanced tab on the left
  6. Under Allowlist / Denylist, select Denylist
  7. A new field should appear. Put “” in it.
  8. Save your form

That’s it! That’s one way you can block Eric Jones. There’s other ways, but most of them cost money or are a bit fancy.


While this worked to block that particular agent of evil, other minions of hell are still managing to send me spam. I’ve implemented a honeypot defence from this blog entry by Bill Erickson. Hopefully that helps!